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Jenny Jopling is President of 2J eLearning, a consulting firm specializing in planning and organizing operations for distance learning. She holds over twenty years of experience in higher education and consulting, with early beginnings as a designer and producer of computer-based instruction.

While working in higher education, Jenny completed her MS in Instructional Systems Technology from the University of North Texas (UNT). Following, she worked closely with specification, evaluation, and training for face-to-face classroom technologies, segueing into research and integration of videoconference technology at UNT. Her career took a natural turn into the area of distance learning as designer and producer of online courses. She led the university’s online learning initiative and co-founded UNT's Center for Distributed Learning where she directed instructional designers, producers, trainers, marketers, and supporters of online courses. Jenny led the way for establishing university policies and procedures and a new technical infrastructure for web-based learning. She was responsible for establishing a grant-funded statewide computer-based testing network with purpose to accommodate proctored testing for online learners at twenty-four public universities.

Leaving UNT in 2004, Jenny moved to the University of Texas at Arlington, then on to Texas A&M University. She continued the drive to expand online learning opportunities in an environment supported by a team of professionals who designed, produced, and supported online courses, along with screening and hiring online faculty, marketing programs, and recruiting students for a cost recovery unit. Two online courses developed
under her direction have received USDLA awards.

Membership with the Texas Distance Learning Association (TxDLA) began in 1996 and Jenny has served the organization as President and a Board Member. She has chaired many committees and been recognized through awards for Outstanding Commitment to Service and the Don Foshee Outstanding Leadership award.

Jenny became active with the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) in 2000 and is the current President. She served as Vice President of Membership for six years and was active in the State Chapter group while TxDLA President. She has served on USDLA committees for the International Forum for Women in ELearning, annual conferences, National Distance Learning Week, Global Chapters, and Public Policy. She was a
USDLA representative at the European Distance Education Network conference in 2011.

Other professional organizations that Jenny has participated in are the Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications, International Association of Business Communications, CORE4Women, and American Association of University Women. Numerous presentations and workshops have been delivered at professional conferences and to individual organizations, along with faculty training, organizational consults, and
contract work.

Jenny currently resides in Austin, Texas where she spends time with her two sons and granddaughter.

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