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Revised 2/11/14

1. What options are available for submitting an entry so judges can evaluate them online?

a. When you submit your entry there is a place for you to put the URL w/ logon & password info for judges to access your site.

b. You can insert screen shots in your submission to show areas you wish to highlight.

c. You can also do a YouTube/Google video of it to show off various functions or areas you wish to draw attention to based on your responses to the criteria. Plug the URL in for judges to see as well.

2. Is there a space limitation for submissions in terms of number of pages or word count?

NO real page limits...just make sure to hit/answer the criteria and provide evidence, etc. There is a 5 MB limitation for a PDF. P.S. Always good to not kill the judges with 250 pages of stuff as well:)))

3. For a "website" submission, does this mean the award nominator's content can be put on the submitting company's website and then can one send the URL to USDLA when inputting contact information online?

YES, you can put the URL in as you submit it online along with any login and password data. Good to add a word document as well to tell your story / answer the criteria if the site does not do it clearly. Use your website, blog, YouTube/Google video, Facebook, etc. to tell your story and just make sure you answer the areas noted in the criteria. We want you to be creative as you can.

4. Is there a limitation on the number of web pages used to display the nomination content?

NO limit to the number of web pages.

5. Is there a specific format in which the nominator's content should be arranged? For example, is it up to the submitter to organize the material in the best way that reflects the judging attributes?

Arrange it based on the order of the criteria, but it really is your call on format, etc. It is up to you to organize the material in the way you think it will best reflect the judging attributes as well. Have some fun with it as long as you answer the criteria and provide any evidence you can to give the judges a good feel and picture for your submission.

6. How can testimonials be submitted?

You can scan them in and save them as PDF. The system will take PDF, .doc or image uploads.

7. When will award winners be notified?

By March 10, 2014, USDLA will notify winners and non-winners by phone and/ or e-mail with follow-up letters.

8. How secure will my material be?

All entries and related courses, material and content are kept confidential for judging purposes only.

9. Can I submit an award on behalf of my client?

Yes, you can submit a nomination on behalf of your client. Please note that for US government entries, you may have to consult your legal team regarding legal gift restrictions.

10. Is there a limit to the number of submissions an organization can submit?


11. Can I load screen shots of my website, module, etc. since my site is secure with no outside access?
Yes, you can load them in the award system as an example or insert them in your narrative to demonstrate or showcase certain features you want the judges to view.

12. What is the absolute latest time I can submit my award?
All award submission should be submitted by 12 midnight (ET) on February 11, 2014.

13. What is the cost and is it per award?

The costs are as shown below:
a. For Profit Fee: $200.00
b. Non Profit Fee: $100.00
c. Pre-K-12 Fee: $50.00
Yes, the fees are per each entry.

14. Can I mail additional material or copies of my submission(s) to USDLA for consideration?

NO submission(s) will be accepted via mail. All entries and related material must be submitted online via the awards website.

15. Can I work on my submission over time?

Yes, after completing the first (contact) page and selecting the "next" button...you will be able to select a "save and exit" button. This will allow the system to save your information and send you an email with a URL, login and password. You will be able to continue working on and/or complete your submission.

After 12 midnight (ET) on February 11 this feature will be locked for 2014.

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