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United States Distance Learning Association : Public Policy
USDLA Public Policy Objective
The principle objective of the association and it Public Policy Committee is to serve the needs of the distance learning community by providing advocacy, information, networking and opportunity. The association provides national distance learning leadership by focusing on issues and legislation impacting the distance learning community and its varied constituencies.

USDLA Public Policy Overview
The USDLA recognizes that today’s world is driven by information and communication technologies and that the association’s focus on distance learning opportunities for education and training in the United States can influence the legislative agenda for the various constituencies it serves. To that end and in order to support, accelerate and fulfill the tremendous potential of distance learning and its impact on education and training technologies, the USDLA Public Policy Committee supports open discussion, although not limited to the following areas:

Discussion Topics
  • Require that teacher preparation institutions restructure pre-service and in-service programs to recognize the importance of integrating communication and information technologies in education.
  • Encourage regional and professional accreditation associations to recognize and accept as commonly as traditional education the appropriate uses of distance learning technologies.
  • Continue active consensus building with industry and educational leaders as rule-making and implementation proceeds; thus, ensuring rapid deployment and effective use of educational infrastructure.
  • Continue to support programs, certificates, and course content development, including distance learning delivery options, to ensure quality learning materials will be available over the nation's expanding educational networks.
  • Maintain the protections for copyright holders and users that exist in current legislation and agreements to include the revision of legislation to accommodate digital technology.
  • Include the present exemptions for the "rights to control, display and perform" which are available for analog distance learning in desktop (computer) applications of distance learning.

USDLA Public Policy Forums
Periodically, USDLA holds a National Public Policy Forum to discuss “basic policy or set of policies forming the foundation of public laws, especially such policy not yet formally enunciated.

Committee Members
Dr. John G. Flores (Chair)
USDLA Chair Emeritus and Public Policy Committee Member
Mitchellville, MD
Dr. Pamela S. Pease (Co-Chair)
USDLA Board Member, Public Policy Committee Member
Pease and Associates
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Paul Roitman Bardack, Esquire (Co-Chair)
USDLA Executive Vice President / President – elect
Public Policy Committee Member
My Jewish Learning
Chief Executive Officer
Rockville, MD

Discussion / Feedback /Suggestions
USDLA appreciates your feedback and/or suggestions.
Contact USDLA at E-Mail or call 800.275.1562.

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