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United States Distance Learning Podcasts
2010 Podcasts

Seth Fleischauer
Marci Powell & Greg Pitzer & Scott Anderson
Julie Cornin-Gilmore
Robert Zotti
David James Clarke
Daryl Diamond
Lisa Fraine
Gail Weatherly and Laurie Rogers
Patrick Artz
Everett Corum
Todd Conaway
Alan Greenberg & Monica Cougan
Lou Stricoff
2009 Podcasts

Jeramy Gatza
Thomas Hammond
Phil Ward
Patti Massey
Gail Weatherly
Melody Thompson
Rene Cintron
Paul Hardersen
Cheryl Portwood
Mary Jane Clerkin
Sharon Johnston
Michael Jortber
Daryl Diamond
Van Bridgeman
2008 Podcasts

Dr. John G. Flores
Dr. Wasfy A. Boulos
Jill Abbott
Catherine Flynn
Alan Greenberg
Evelyn Nelson-Weaver
Pat Laystrom
Dr. Rhonda Blackburn
Dawn Anderson
Kay Zimmerman
Dena Faust
Dr. Eli Collins Brown
Terri Rowenhorst
Michael Lay
Pam Birtolo and Brian K. Marchman
Van Bridgeman
Van Bridgeman
Pam Cabalka
David Reed
Becky Baker
Maureen Lloyd-James Dr. Leilani Baumnais
Marci Powell
Dr. Daryl Diamond
Julie Young
Heather Ranck
Lance Ford
Dr. Marsha Burmeister
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