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We are pleased that you have chosen to visit us at usdla.org. Each year many thousands come to this website – some as educators or trainers wanting to hone their professional skills, some as potential distance learning students hoping to gain a better understanding of their options, and some as scholars pursuing research on technology-enabled learning. Whatever brought you here, welcome.

The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) has an interesting footprint. Founded almost 30 years ago, USDLA is the oldest national organization devoted to advancing distance learning. We are active in K-20, corporate, government, and telehealth. We embrace all forms distance learning media, from networked to physical media, and all forms of delivery from videoconferencing to online learning and, yes, even the postal system. Indeed, it is this breadth and depth of engagement that has led us to say, “Come learn from a community that is broader than your own.” Whatever your learning specialty, welcome home.

You will find on this website an amazing Research center with information that you likely will not find elsewhere on the Web. You’ll get a snapshot of the “best of the best” in our Awards section. Learn about USDLA in your local area in the State Chapter section. Looking to validate the professionalism of your program? See our Credentialing section and learn about USDLA’s Quality Standards certification. If you want to go deeper, definitely check out our Events section and especially our national conference in the spring and our policy forum in the late fall.

If that seems like too much to take in all at once, then you (as an individual, an institution, or a company) need to consider joining USDLA. You will find that we’re a rather straightforward group of hands-on distance learning professionals. Just as we have been helped by others along the way, we want to reach out, lend a hand, and together move forward to better develop and refine distance education!

Kind regards,

Elaine Shuck
USDLA President

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