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Washington Policy Emphasis and Congressional Relations
The USDLA is looked upon by Congress as the authoritative voice that speaks on behalf of the distance learning constituency. Whether it was the Snow, Rockefeller, Exxon, Kerry Amendments or the 1996 Telecommunications Act, the USDLA was called upon to represent its diverse membership. The USDLA has often been called upon to give congressional testimony.

Global Focus
In addition to conferences such as the VNU Training & Online Learning, Learntec-Germany, Nova Southeastern’s /Fischler School of Education and Human Services Annual Conferences, Online Educa Berlin, IFWE, and the U.S- China Higher Education Summit, USDLA board members have consulted with numerous distance learning officials in Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. This is in response to interest on the part of many countries to form local chapters of the USDLA. As these international chapters become a reality, the national organization will become the members’ link to the worldwide market.

Gateway to USDLA and Distance Learning
USDLA website provides valuable information on distance learning including:

National Recognition
The USDLA continues its program of national awards and recognition to individuals, institutions, agencies and companies with outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of distance learning.

Practitioners’ Publications
The Distance Learning Magazine…the magazine for Leaders is the recognized print practitioners magazine serving distance learning professionals. The magazine is published six times per year. As the size of the practitioner market grows, the value of such a magazine, as a compendium of focused information, will continue to expand. The magazine is available for “full” members while state chapter associate members are eligible for a reduced subscription rate. USDLA News Alert is electronically published throughout the year and is sent to all state chapter associate members. This publication is designed to notify state chapters of important events, current public policy information and the latest news affecting them.

Powerful Network of Business and Industry leaders in the Field of Distance Learning
Since its inception in 1987, the USDLA membership has spanned both educators and trainers and technology vendors in the interest of promoting distance learning application and technology. USDLA has created and sponsored the forums, trade shows, conferences and other events that have fostered the many educationa1/corporate alliances that have driven the quantum advances in distance learning and telehealth. Vendors have often chosen USDLA sponsored events as the forum for new product introduction and launches. USDLA can help practitioners in contacting multiple vendors of a specific technology and more importantly, can reference institutions and programs that are users of a specific technology.

Chapter Support
The USDLA continuously defines additional value-added services to chapters and to all individual USDLA members. As an association of associations, USDLA has two primary goals:
Each month there is a regularly scheduled audio conference among chapter presidents, the USDLA Executive Committee and the USDLA administration. This forum ensures that chapter issues and concerns are discussed and dealt with on a national level.

Legal Representation
Chapters and affiliates of USDLA are entitled to legal resources obtained from one of the specialized law firms retained by USDLA. A major benefit of USDLA membership is the connection to a non-profit national organization. Chapters will be given guidance to establish and maintain their own non-profit status with respect to IRS filing and submission of annual forms.

United States Distance Learning Association
76 Canal Street, Suite 400
Boston, MA 02114
Tel. 800.275.5162
Email information@usdla.org

State Chapter Initiation Fee
For more information on chapters benefits contact Patricia Marcelonis by e-mail at pmarcelonis@usdla.org or call (800) 275-5162.

Price : $500.00
Recurring Charge : $500.00

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