George R Collins | Biography
George R. Collins is managing director of LearnTech Corporation, a technology and educational consulting firm based in South Carolina. Since its inception in1999, the company has focused on the convergence and application of both education and technology with a special emphasis on distance learning. LearnTech is active in both the education and training arenas.

George came to distance learning via K-12 educational publishing where he pioneered several important elements of electronic publishing. Distance learning became, in essence, the next logical step in freeing the educational process from brick and mortar, ink and paper. He designed and implemented the BJ LINC (Live Interactive Network Classroom) satellite network which taught as many as 50,000 students a day across the continent.

During his 35-year career in education and publishing, George has focused on the needs of home education and on various distance learning methodologies. He not only designed and launched an innovative satellite network serving home educators but also consults with various suppliers to further enhance home education with innovative technology.

George served as an Air Force officer, both on active duty and in the US Air Force Reserve. The majority of his government career was in the Air Education and Training Command where he developed training, served frequently as a program evaluator, and managed special projects.

George's considerable hands-on work with USDLA includes having chaired the publications committee, co-chaired the credentialing committee (both for accreditation and certification), and being a team leader on the awards program. He was the key person in formulating and implementing both the Distance Learning Accreditation Bureau and the USDLA/Quality Standards certification program.

George holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University/Bloomington. He holds a Master of Arts degree from Central Michigan University and did postgraduate work at Boston University.

A barbecue pitmaster of some renown, George is revered for his hickory-smoked whole turkeys and spicy sausage. His hobbies and interests include running and camping ... and, of course, eating barbecue.