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Board of Directors / Managing
Dr. John G. Flores

Director of Corporate & Legal Services
Kimberly F. Airasian, Esq.

Executive Assistant
Patricia Marcelonis

Committee Chairs

Membership Service

Dr. Darcy Hardy

Kimberly F. Airasian, Esq.

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Dr. Rob Robinson

USDLA Publications
John G. Flores, Ph.D.

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Dr. Reggie Smith III

Public Policy
John G. Flores, Ph.D.

Quality Standards Certification
Dr. Janet McMahill

Quality Standards Certification
George Collins

Membership Development

Membership Chair
Dr. Daryl Diamond

State Chapters
Ken Conn

Global Affiliate Chapters
Marci Powell – Chair

Dr. Don Olcott, Jr. – Co-Chair

Advisory Board
Dr. Jolly T. Holden

Pro – Bono Legal Services
Holland & Knight, LLP
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Attorney Ieuan G. Mahoney

Michael Goldstein
Cooley LLP
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